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Limestone Aerial Imaging, LLC was nice enough to grant us permission to use their photos which are really GREAT!!

church front.jpg

If you look closely you can see the equipment in place for the painting of the church.

Painting the Steeple 2024


Photos submitted by Pastor Dougans


Our iconic Church celebrated another
anniversary  as the First Presbyterian
was formed on June 14, in 1817.

anne Morton5.jpg

Anne Morton Moore Pollitt 

when I was young.png

Pastor Jim & Jennifer's granddaughter, Kennedy Rose graduated from preschool, May 2024

The Big, Beautiful, Bountiful Bouquet

Jennifer Smith

Video and caption submitted by Jennifer Smith May 12, 2024

All Flowers Are Welcome.

Here is the 2024 premier video of The Big, Beautiful, Bountiful Bouquet at 1st Presbyterian in Maysville, KY.

From Mother's Day to Labor Day, people bring flowers from their gardens for the Bountiful Bouquet.

At the end of the service the flowers dispersed in smaller bouquets to members of the church - or to people who couldn't make it to church.

Today, a few kids were delighted to get some Bouquets flower to give to their moms cuz it's Mother's Day!

Enjoy the blooms.

Federal Hill Open House in Old Washington

Federal Hill holds the history of Kentucky within its walls and on the land - the good, the bad and the ordinary.

This was the public unveiling of the house and property today, May 11, 2024.  It was a glorious event.  People were there for hours - exploring the house, learning some of the history, eating stews, soups and crepes and just enjoying each others company
There were many Presbyterians there - here are some of the photos


Lu Anne Bellingham,Kate Zweigart, Jim Moose, Stockton Wood, Pastor Jim Dougans

Photos taken by Jennifer Smith

Ernie Siders, Bill McNeill, Bruce Bellingham, Sara Bellingham
Pastor Jim Dougans,  Dr. Phillip & Grace Yunker,

Anne & Allen Pollitt, Patti & Stockon Wood

April 28, 2024 Worship Service

Sunday morning.jpg


March 31- Easter Sunday.

Sunrise service at Limestone Landing at 6:45 am, followed by breakfast at FPC 


Ready for sunrise Easter on the banks
of the Mighty Ohio River 5:45 A.M.

Classic Easter picture of a few Presbyterian girls from 1953

Easter 1953.jpg
Gateway Museum.

Photo credits to

Maysville Media.png

Presbyterians seen at the  Charter celebration at Gateway Museum.

bellchoir practice.jpg

We had our first handbell practice at FPC Sunday, Jan. 28, 2024.
A lot of talented folks and we had a great time!

bells only.png
bells only.png

Photo by Jennifer Smith


Video submitted by Jennifer Smith

Some of the polish helpers at work!

Jennifer award.jpg

Pictured are Jennifer Smith accepting award from Caroline Reece, Main Street Director.      Jennifer created the “Multitude of Angels” for the City Christmas Parade representing Maysville Presbyterian Church.


Theater troupe - Sara Bellingham, Morris, Andrew wood, Mathias Poe - newscaster,

Gus Poe - Advertiser and Joey O’Cull played Piano. 

Kristie Gallenstein’s son, grandson of David Harnish's played baby Jesus.

Kate Zweigart & Karen Wood were the playwrights.

Ernie Siders & Santa

Jim Dougans & Santa


Gus Poe & Santa

Potluck Dinner and Christmas Program

 Following dinner the Christmas program, entitled "Live! From Bethlehem" was presented along with a special guest.

2023 Angel Tea 

Christmas tea.jpg

Twilight Christmas Parade in Maysville, KY

The weather angels smiled on us!
Let the parade begin!!!!

facebook_1701487214994_7136554631800178141 (1).jpg
It was a Multitude of Angels & Christmas ornaments & trees Dancing & Prancing in the Twilight Christmas Parade in Maysville, KY
To view better click on FULL SCREEN
parade2023 a.jpg
Pat Webb.jpg

Pat Webb at crafting time at Kenton Pointe making bookmarks for the holidays.


Nicholas Denham and Stu Lax provided music

Empty Bowls is an international grassroots project where artists raise money for food banks that are feeding the hungry in their communities.

There are three components to this fundraiser:

1) local artists from Ohio River Valley artists Guild generously make hand-thrown pottery bowls

 2) you buy a ticket for $25, then choose your handmade bowl

 3) you get to enjoy a tasty lunch, consisting of 3 different soups, cornbread, a desert and a bottle of water

All proceeds from the sale of the bowls go directly to the Mason County Food Bank to help local individuals and families in need.


The River Sweep is a volunteer, riverbank cleanup effort to help clear the shoreline along the Ohio River. It is sponsored by the Maysville Rotary Club and the Mason County Conservation District in conjunction with the Ohio River Valley Sanitation Commission.

Volunteers at the Ohio River Sweep collected 30 bags of trash from the riverbanks on Saturday.  The starting point for the event was the Maysville Limestone Landing.


Pastor Jim during Maysville Trick or Treat night!

pastor dougans.jpg
Halloween in Maysville.jpg
pet blessing photos2.jpg

The tradition continues. Sunday, October 1, 2023,was the Blessing of the Pets. This date draws its inspiration from World Animal Day on October 4. That date is also the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi.

All animals were welcome as long as they are either on a leash or caged.


The kick-off for the fall Christian Education program was Sunday, September 10.            
There was no Sunday school Sunday. Instead, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast prepared by Peg and Dan Crum.


1st Presbyterian of Maysville, Augusta Presbyterian & Flemingsburg Presbyterian at the
Maysville-Mason County Recreation Park.

Lots of fun!

picnic logo.jpg


Ernie jpg.jpg

Good friend & craftsman extraordinaire, Ernie Siders, constructed this replica table for the summer kitchen at the historic Albert Sidney Johnston in Old Washington.


side garden.jpg



bathroom renovation find.jpg

The renovated front bathroom of the church has a new stained glass window.

Kudos to Bob Hendrickson for conceiving the window and Skip Werline for constructing and installing it. 

 Also Ernie Siders is recognized for all the hard work he put in on the remodeling of the bathroom,

it looks amazing.

Thank you so much, gentlemen!


Sunset on the Mighty Ohio River.jpg
Anne Dougans  drew those fish!!  She was visiting her parents Jim Dougans and Jennifer Lee Smith  and they took her to watch the sunset and brought chalk




Maysville Presbyterian 
  21 W 3rd St.
Maysville, KY 41056

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