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What Would Jesus Do: Encouraging One Another this Advent”

By Pastor Jim Dougans

We look to Jesus as a model for our behavior. That is true when it comes to being compassionate, or knowing how to pray or how to encourage one another.  Let’s look at some of the ways Jesus encouraged the disciples.

Jesus Challenged Their Unbelieving

Mark 4:35-41 records how the disciples were panicked on a boat until Jesus calmed the storm. Then he said to his disciples, “Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” He challenged their unbelieving. We can do that too. We can (gently) remind people in a panic about the power of their faith to overcome adversity.

Jesus Empowered Them

In Mark 6:7-13 Jesus commissioned the disciples to heal and gave them instructions for the journey. We can remind our fellow disciples that we too have the power to heal and can offer direction or guidance for those we lead.

Jesus Advised the Disciples to Rest

In Mark 6:30-31 we hear how the disciples returned from their journey, tired and without an opportunity to recuperate. Jesus said to them: “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” If we see that a fellow disciple is wearing down we can offer to pick up some of their load.

Jesus Stoked the Courage of the Disciples

In Mark 6:45-52 we hear how once again the disciples are in a boat and once again they are in trouble, straining at the oars, fighting a heavy wind. Jesus walked on the water to them and said “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” We can encourage other disciples to remember the Jesus who walks beside them. The very word encourage, has “courage” in it. Take courage, have confidence, things will be alright. Jesus sets a wonderful example for us. We can challenge unbelief, bolster courage, suggest rest and empower those around us who also serve the Lord. This Advent season may the baby Jesus once again inspire us and the Lord Jesus once again command our utmost allegiance.


Pastor Jim

From Outreach Director Erik Wesley

The season is indeed upon us. In addition to the usual holiday business of travel,

cooking and weight gain, at First Presbyterian this time of year means a full schedule.

Looking back, we have much to be grateful for, as our Living Waters team has

returned safely from a successful trip to Mexico. Looking forward, there is much on

the horizon. From Margaret’s Angel Tea and potlucks to Salvation Army Bells and

volunteering, it is no secret that the advent season is the church’s prime time. It is

our sincerest aspiration that the gathering energy continue into the new year as we

take on exciting new projects and continue to spread our mission.

Personally, it has been an important season of firsts. For the first time I’ve been asked to help meet the needs of the community during the holiday season, raised the tree and helped decorate the church. On December 1st, I even celebrated my first wedding anniversary. Since tradition must have its place, the remainder of this note can be considered my official paper gift: I love you Lorelei, and I promise you that this will

be the first of many blessed years. For all of your lovely outfits, the most beautiful thing  I’ve seen you wear is your choir robe here at First Presbyterian Church!

During the Christmas season, the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center will have

on display “Nativity Scenes from Near and Far” until January 4, 2020. This exhibit is held in the Calvert Gallery and was put together by Guest Curator, Barb Clarke and the Trinity Lutheran Church. There is a very interesting article in the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center’s Winter/December 2019 newsletter

“Messenger” written by Tandy Nash under Hixson’s Hoardings and More…

This article describes the symbolic meanings of animals in the nativity and leading up to the birth of Jesus. The museum is located on Sutton St. in downtown Maysville. Ky.

Light Shines in the Darkness

In Nepal, where blindness is prevalent due to under-funded medical care and a lack of eye doctors, ophthalmologist Sanduk Ruit has made it his mission to treat poor people. He’s performed more than 130,000 cataract surgeries to restore sight, sometimes walking for a week with surgical equipment in tow to reach patients. Dr. Ruit also found a way for replacement lenses to be made locally for less than $3 each, rather than buying them internationally for 100 times as much. The physician brings healing to remote villages and celebrates “big eyeopening festivals” with people who “were blind yesterday, and...are seeing today.”

At Christmas we celebrate the Word of God who came to live among us as Jesus, the light of the world. In countless ways since, God has brought light to those living in literal or figurative darkness. We celebrate people, such as Dr. Ruit and the 650 doctors he has trained, whom God uses to cause “light [to shine] in the darkness” (John 1:5).

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Session Meeting

The Session will meet Monday,

December 16th at 5:30 p.m.

Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

Come join us on Monday, December 24th at 6:00 p.m. for our beautiful candlelight Christmas Eve service. Sing Christmas carols and let the spirit of Christmas come into your heart.

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TYGs will be going to Lexington on Sunday, December 8th for a climbing gym outing. They will leave

following church service. They will also be serving cocoa and coffee on Saturday, December 21st at the

Limestone Park Christmas Mart which is open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Poinsettia Orders: The poinsettias are $15 each. Please fill out your poinsettia order form and place it in

the offering plate or drop it off at the office. There is an order form in the newsletter if you wish to use it.

You may also mail it to P O Box 490, Maysville. The orders need to be in by December 10th. Please

write “poinsettia order” on the memo line of your check. Thank you!

Limestone Children’s Choir will perform on Friday, December 6th at 8:30 p.m. at the Parc Café.

Emergency Operation Plan: Emergency operation practice date will be Sunday, December 15th. Thank


Safety and Security Committee will meet on Thursday, December 12th at 5:30 p.m.

The Christmas Joy Offering will be Sunday, December 22nd. Please write “Joy Offering” on the memo

line of your check. Thank you!

Salvation Army Bell Ringers needed from November 6 thru December 21 on Fridays and Saturdays at

Walmart, Rural King and Kroger. Please contact or text Erik Wesley at 606-375-1972. Thank you!

Christmas Family: See sign-up sheets in the fellowship hall for the family we are adopting this Christmas

— providing gifts (clothes and toys). All gifts need to be wrapped and brought to the church office by December 15th. There is also a sign-up sheet for groceries used in preparing a Christmas dinner for this family. Thanks as always for your generosity.

Christmas Dinner and Christmas Trivia: The annual Christmas dinner will be on Sunday, December

15th at 5:00 p.m. The meat will be provided and you are asked to bring side dishes and desserts. The children will be asking questions for a Christmas Carol trivia game before the meal. Sounds like fun! Santa

will arrive between 6:15 and 6:30 p.m.

Deacons: Recently the session voted to once again ordain and install deacons. According to the Book of

Order “Deacons are called to lead the congregation in compassion, witness, and service, representing the

ministry of the church in the world and the presence of the world in the church (W-2.0302). God may be

calling you to be ordained and installed as a deacon. Please pray about this. The Nominating Committee

will start making contacts in December. If you have any questions about this office please see Pastor Jim.

Clerk of Session: 

Andrew Wood will be stepping down in January as the Clerk of Session. He has served superbly for more than three years in that role. Perhaps you would consider taking on that position for a one year term. The Book of Order requires the Clerk of Session be a ruling elder (G-3.0104). The session

elects the Clerk. You do not have to be serving on the session at the time you are the Clerk. If you would like more information please see Pastor Jim.

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There is a basket on the table in the back of the sanctuary with note cards, envelopes, pens, labels and
stamps. These cards will go to people on the prayer list and the homebound.

 If you know someone’s address on this list please give it to Gwen in the office so she can make labels with their name and address for your convenience. Thanks!

Over 200 families are served by the Mason County

Food Bank each month. Please keep bringing nonperishable

food donations each week to our basket in

Fellowship Hall. Please also consider a financial

contribution to Limestone Ministries, Inc. and/or the

Mason County Food Bank, because despite regular food donations

from area churches, food still needs to be purchased each month.

Mason County Food Bank is the only one available since the Calvary

Baptist Food Bank closed. Any non-perishable item will be accepted,

but the most needed items are: spaghetti sauce, boxed spaghetti,

macaroni & cheese dinners, dried beans, saltine crackers, cornbread

mix, peanut butter, oats, cereal, canned soup, canned vegetables, and

canned fruit. Cash donations are welcome also! If you write a check,

please make it payable to the First Presbyterian Church and put

‘FOOD BANK’ on the memo line. Or you can send funds directly to the Mason County Food Bank,                                                                  located at 1679 Forest Avenue, Maysville, KY 41056.

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Policy for Worship Service Cancellation Due to Bad Weather:  “First Presbyterian Church will almost always hold a worship service on Sunday morning.  The worship service will be cancelled when there is a Level Three Snow Emergency declared where only personnel are to use the roads.  On weekdays the church office and all church programs will also be cancelled when Level Three Snow Emergency is in effect.  During other storm conditions church members are advised to use caution and best judgment when determining whether to travel to church.”