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Congratulations and welcome 
to our two newest church-members: 

Jennifer Smith and Luke Jarjosa 

 We are blessed to have you *officially* join our 
congregation as of tonight's session meeting.

“What Does It Mean?” 

by Pastor Jim Dougans

On Easter Sunday, April 21, we will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The resurrection is an historical fact. The whole city of Jerusalem knew about it.  There are at least fifteen historical references to Jesus

meeting people, touching people and talking with people.  One time He cooked breakfast for some people (John

21:12). Another time He talked with about 500 people after He had risen, and to the disciples and to Paul                            (1 Corinthians15). A lot of people saw him.

Pastor Rick Warren draws three conclusions from this historical evidence. First, Jesus

is who He claimed to be. Second, Jesus has the power He claimed to have. Third,

Jesus does what He promises to do.

Jesus Is Who He Claimed to Be

“So Jesus proclaimed, as he taught in the temple, ‘You know me, and you know

where I come from. But I have not come of my own accord; he who sent me is true,

and him you do not know.’” (John 7:28-29)

Every time we write a check and put a date on it, every time we put an appointment

in our calendar, every time we sign and date a contract we are affirming the life,

death and resurrection of Jesus. He is the one who changed history to such an extent

that the way we keep track of time was altered. He split all of history into B.C.

(before Christ) and A.D. (anno domini, “in the year of the Lord”—the year Jesus was


Jesus Shows He Has the Power He Claimed to Have

“And Jesus came and said to them, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been

given to me.’” (Matthew 28:18)

Because He was God He could do everything God could do. No force could keep Him in the tomb. The Romans killed Him, they put Him in a tomb, they put the big stone in front of the tomb and then sealed it with the Roman seal and they posted a 24-hour guard. They were only trying to prevent the inevitable. He had all the power in the world. He said, They can’t stop me. I can give My life away and I can take it up again.

Jesus Does What He Promises to Do

“and they will mock him, and spit upon him, and scourge him, and kill him; and after three days he will

rise.” (Mark 10:34)

The cross was no surprise to Jesus. It was all part of God’s plan. “The angel said, ‘Don’t be frightened. I

know you’re looking for Jesus who was crucified. He’s come back to life again just as He said He

would.'” (Matthew 28:5) Jesus did what He promised. When God makes a promise, you can count on it.

That’s what it means. Because Jesus did rise, He is who He said He was, He has the power He said He had,

and He keeps the promises that He makes.

We have much to celebrate this Easter Sunday. See you April 21 at 10:45 am!


Pastor Jim

January Outing in May

January Outing Library Benefit, May 18, 2019

 Begins at noon at the museum

January Outing in May? January refers to a prominent family name in Maysville in the 1800s instead of the month. Andrew McConnell January moved to Maysville in 1818 and opened a small grocery and purchased interest in the commission business with his uncle, Samuel January. He was President of the Maysville and Lexington Turnpike Co. and was the first president of the Bank of Maysville 1835. He was married to Sarah Huston and they had 14 children.

Come enjoy the afternoon outing beginning with a box lunch and then touring various locations of January family influence. The outing will start at the museum for registration, welcome and introduction. The group will enjoy of a box lunch: ½ Benedictine sandwich, ½ olive nut sandwich, chicken salad, pasta salad, potato salad, fruit salad and a loaded brownie.

The tour will begin with the history and tour of the 1838 January-Cochran House on Third Street. The next stop will be The First Presbyterian Church for a tour and history of the church.

Participants will then return to the museum for a presentation of continued family history, history of the January and Wood Cotton Mill, family connection to US 68, and the courthouse clock. Continuing with a

drive-by portion of the tour, participants will drive to the 1847 January-Grundy-Kehoe House on West Second,

location of the former January and Wood Cotton Mill, Samuel January House on the east end of town, January Park, and culminating with Jacobs/January Cemetery with information and history of the cemetery.

Please join us for a delightful afternoon of sharing some of Maysville’s history while helping the historical

and genealogical library. The library is part of the non-profit Kentucky Gateway Museum Center and deals with increasing costs every year. The research library is not supported by tax dollars, but depends on admissions, research fees, donations and memberships to keep the lights on. In order to help this valuable asset continue to thrive, the January Outing fund raiser is scheduled for May 18, 2019.

The cost is $75 per person for a full afternoon of history and events that are well worth the time and money. Most of all, it supports a service that continues to provide an excellent resource for authors, teachers, students, university faculty members, business and other museums, not to mention those just interested in finding their roots.

Call the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center at 606-564-5865 and make your reservation for the January

Outing Library Benefit to learn about this fascinating historical family.

Please join Kentucky Gateway Museum for their January Outing in May!

Easter Sunday, April 21st is the day First Presbyterian Church collects

for the One Great Hour of Sharing. Since 1949, Presbyterians have

joined with millions of other Christians through One Great Hour of

Sharing to share God’s love with people experiencing need. Our gifts

support ministries of disaster response, refugee assistance and

resettlement, and community development that help people find safe

refuge, start new lives and work together to strengthen their families

and communities. The money collected is used by the Presbyterian

Church in this way: The Presbyterian Hunger Program receives 36% ofundesignated One Great Hour of Sharing gifts, while the Self-

Development of People and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance each

receive 32%. On Easter Sunday, envelopes will be placed inside of the

bulletins. Please give generously


The Session will meet on Monday, 

, April 29th at 5:30 p.m. 


Maundy Thursday Service will be on Thursday, April 18th at 6:00 p.m. 

beginning with a potluck dinner. 

Meat and drinks provided.

Good Friday Service will be held on April 19th at 12:05 p.m. at Seddon 

United Methodist Church, 1317 Forest Ave., Maysville.

Interim Steering Committee Reforms

The Interim Steering Committee helped guide the church through

the interim period. Now they have reformed for three months to assist Pastor Jim. The members of the

Committee would love to hear from you about what is working and what you wish the church was doing

differently. The members of the Committee are: Barbara Fernandes (Chair), Ellen Cartmell, David Harnish,

Missy Hendrickson and Linda Reed.

Click below to print out the survey

Church Survey: The Interim Steering Committee would like your feedback.

Click on the form to print 

Easter Lilies this year are $12.00. There will be order forms in your bulletins beginning March 31st. 

The last day for your order will be Friday, April 12th. You may also use the order form in the Newsletter or from the website if you wish. 

Please write Easter Lily on the memo line of your check. 


Easter Breakfast: The Easter morning breakfast will begin at 9:00 a.m. April 21st.

Office closed on Monday, April 22nd.

Presbyterian Women Spring Gathering: The Spring Gathering is Saturday, April 27th at the Second

Presbyterian Church in Lexington, KY. The program title is “Love Heals All”. This is a Human Trafficking

Panel Presentation with Yvonne Hileman from PW Staff; Eileen Levy, the Executive Director of “The

Well” of Lexington; Det. Seth Frazier of Lexington Police Dept; and Summer Dickerson, a survivor of human

trafficking and domestic violence. Please let Linda Reed know by April 10th if interested in going.

Linda will be driving. (606) 763-6125

Good Friday Gospel Concert: The Good Friday Gospel Concert is hosted by Noblemen Quartet. The

concert will be held at the Refinery Nazarene Church located at 156 West Maple Leaf Rd, Maysville on

April 19th. The doors will open at 6:00 p.m. Special guests are The Nelons and Old Time Preacher Quartet.

Advance tickets are $12.50. Tickets sold at the door are $15. Children under 6 are free. Special

church group rates of 20 or more are $10 by calling 606-798-3564. You may also call Refinery Nazarene

Church at 606-564-4262 to purchase tickets.

Women of Worship Women’s Conference: “Amazing Grace for a Woman’s Heart”, Saturday, April 13,

2019 from 8:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. This is a time for fun and fellowship. This is being held at Orangeburg

United Methodist Church, 7119 Orangeburg Rd., Maysville. This is a free ecumenical conference open to

all. Lunch will be served following the conference. For more information contact: Harriet Groh -606-584-

1952; or Helen Henry - 859-443-9758.

Easter Concert: The Maysville Academy will have an Easter Concert on Thursday, April 4th at 5:00 p.m.

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There is a basket on the table in the back of the sanctuary with note cards, envelopes, pens, labels and
stamps. These cards will go to people on the prayer list and the homebound.

 If you know someone’s address on this list please give it to Gwen in the office so she can make labels with their name and address for your convenience. Thanks!

Over 200 families are served by the Mason County

Food Bank each month. Please keep bringing nonperishable

food donations each week to our basket in

Fellowship Hall. Please also consider a financial

contribution to Limestone Ministries, Inc. and/or the

Mason County Food Bank, because despite regular food donations

from area churches, food still needs to be purchased each month.

Mason County Food Bank is the only one available since the Calvary

Baptist Food Bank closed. Any non-perishable item will be accepted,

but the most needed items are: spaghetti sauce, boxed spaghetti,

macaroni & cheese dinners, dried beans, saltine crackers, cornbread

mix, peanut butter, oats, cereal, canned soup, canned vegetables, and

canned fruit. Cash donations are welcome also! If you write a check,

please make it payable to the First Presbyterian Church and put

‘FOOD BANK’ on the memo line. Or you can send funds directly to the Mason County Food Bank,                                                                  located at 1679 Forest Avenue, Maysville, KY 41056.


Policy for Worship Service Cancellation Due to Bad Weather:  “First Presbyterian Church will almost always hold a worship service on Sunday morning.  The worship service will be cancelled when there is a Level Three Snow Emergency declared where only personnel are to use the roads.  On weekdays the church office and all church programs will also be cancelled when Level Three Snow Emergency is in effect.  During other storm conditions church members are advised to use caution and best judgment when determining whether to travel to church.”