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“The Tie That Binds”

The Role of Per Capita in the Presbyterian Church (USA)

By Pastor Jim Dougans

The official definition of per capita is quite long. In a nutshell, "per capita is a set amount of money per member that congregations pay

to the larger Presbyterian Church (USA)." You can think of per capita as a Presbyterian Community Fund, whereby Presbyterians

share in the expenses of our system of government. Since every Presbyterian benefits, every Presbyterian should share in the cost.

You might call it the "tie that binds."

This year per capita has been set at $38.44 per member. Of this amount, $25.51 goes to Transylvania Presbytery, $3.95 to the Synod of Living Waters, and $8.95 to the General Assembly.

Per capita provides for the cost of bringing together:

  • Commissioners and advisory delegates to the General Assembly.
  • Church leaders from presbyteries and synods for training events.
  • Necessary tools to develop and administer ordination exams to seminarians preparing to become pastors.

Per capita also funds:

  • The Presbyterian Historical Society, assuring our witness to the gospel today,

will be preserved for future generations. Approximately 60% of the Society's

budget is funded through per capita.

  • The production in multiple languages and distribution of the Book of Order,

the Book of Confessions, and other General Assembly publications.

  • A Presbyterian presence at ecumenical groups and gatherings in this country

and worldwide.

At the beginning of each year, Church Secretary Gwen Tuel places an announcement in the bulletin about per capita. While you can pay per capita anytime during the year, it may slip your mind if you wait. When writing out your check, write "per capita" on the memo line. Thank You! In 2020 First Presbyterian will pay a total per capita of $4,228.

The Presbytery of Transylvania covers eastern Kentucky and includes over seventy churches. In 2020 all these churches will pay $252,512 in per capita. Of this amount, $167,575 will go to Transylvania Presbytery, accounting for 40% of the Presbytery's income. This money is used to pay the expenses of Presbytery Commissions and Ministries, the meetings of Presbytery, and the salaries of Presbytery staff.

The Synod of Living Waters is one of seventeen synods in the denomination. It covers four states (Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi) and includes twelve presbyteries. The Synod seeks to help congregations and ministries thrive in worship and mission. The Living Waters for the World organization was born and nurtured in this Synod.

The General Assembly, located in Louisville, is the highest council of our denomination. Churches in Transylvania Presbytery will contribute $84,937 to the income of the General Assembly. General Assembly staff, among other things, coordinate meetings of mid-council leaders, handle ecclesial matters of Korean-American churches, and deploy resources to presbyteries and synods. For more information about General Assembly programs funded by per capita, see the bulletin insert in the February 9 worship bulletin.


Pastor Jim

From Outreach Director Erik Wesley

“Season’s Meetings”

To whatever degree that December is best summarized by the phrase “Season’s Greetings”, then January at First Presbyterian is surely best captured by the phrase “Season’s Meetings.” Luckily for us, most of our meetings involve copious amonts

of great company and food, as well as serve the purpose of effectively moving us forward.

Starting with the Annual Congregational Meeting on the 26th, where our goals and plan for the coming year were shared and prayed over (along with a delicious selection of soups), we welcomed the session class of 2022 right away on Monday the 27th. We are all looking forward to serving with Kate Gausmann, Marti Insko and Dave Harnish.

We are likewise happy to announce that the outreach department will be ramping up our offerings for 2020. Effective immediately, there will be a Philosophy class offered at 12:00 p.m. on Mondays. Additionally, we are planning more activities for our adult members, beginning with a trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum on Saturday, February 22nd. Stay tuned and God bless!

In the Image of Love

While using play therapy with young cancer patients, social worker Amy Jandrisevits found that kids identify best with dolls that resemble them — yet doll diversity was rare.

As described in Gather magazine, she launched a line called “A Doll Like Me”

that customizes dolls not only to “a child’s ethnicity, gender, hair color and interests,but also their physical characteristics such as clefts, birthmarks, scars and limb differences.” She adds, “It is more than just a doll to a child; it is a representation of the child who owns it.” So far, Jandrisevits has made 300+ dolls for kids worldwide — a project she considers to be a  ministry.

Dolls representing vast human differences are a profound reminder that God infused the world with variety and pronounced it good. Just as each custom-made doll is made in the image of the child who will adopt and love it, we’re made in the image of God, who claims us as his beloved children forever.


Session Meeting

The Session will meet Monday,

February 24th at 5:30 p.m. .

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Philosophy 101 with Erik Wesley will also be held at noon on Mondays as well as the one on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m.

Limestone Children’s Choir has resumed practice on Sunday afternoons at 2:30 p.m.

TYGs: On Sunday, February 9th, the TYGs will be playing laser tag at the trampoline facility in Lexington, KY. Participants please either bring a change of clothes to church or come dressed for athletic activity as they will leave after the church service. Thanks!

Adult Members of Congregation will be taking a day trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum on Saturday, February 22nd. Please sign-up by Saturday, February 15th in order for transportation to be arranged.

Office closed: The church office will be closed on Monday, February 17th for President’s Day.

Mid-Winter Dinner: The Mid-Winter Dinner will be held on Sunday, February 23rd with gathering at 5:00 p.m. Dinner will be served at 5:30. All members are welcome to come and enjoy a hearty meal and fellowship. Guests are welcome. Any men that would like to help please come to the church kitchen at 2:30 p.m. There are sign-up sheets in the Fellowship Hall and on the table in the back of the sanctuary for those wishing to attend. Please put the number of people in your group. Thanks!

Per Capita: The per capita for 2020 is $38.44. Please write “per capita” on the memo line of your check. Thank you!

Pledge Cards: Anyone wishing to sign a pledge card for this year may pick up a card off the table in the back of the sanctuary or in the secretary’s office. Thank you!

New Hope Community Services would love your opinion...Transitional Treatment/Detox facility in Buffalo Trace. Please follow the link below and fill out the survey and if you would share it with family, friends, colleagues and any others, they would be grateful. Thank you for your time and attention.

Ash Wednesday Service will be held on February 26th at 7:00 p.m.

Funeral Planning: We have received funeral planning booklets from all the area funeral homes. Please contact Secretary Gwen Tuel if you want to schedule a time to speak with Pastor Jim about funeral planning. Thanks.

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There is a basket on the table in the back of the sanctuary with note cards, envelopes, pens, labels and
stamps. These cards will go to people on the prayer list and the homebound.

 If you know someone’s address on this list please give it to Gwen in the office so she can make labels with their name and address for your convenience. Thanks!

Over 200 families are served by the Mason County

Food Bank each month. Please keep bringing nonperishable

food donations each week to our basket in

Fellowship Hall. Please also consider a financial

contribution to Limestone Ministries, Inc. and/or the

Mason County Food Bank, because despite regular food donations

from area churches, food still needs to be purchased each month.

Mason County Food Bank is the only one available since the Calvary

Baptist Food Bank closed. Any non-perishable item will be accepted,

but the most needed items are: spaghetti sauce, boxed spaghetti,

macaroni & cheese dinners, dried beans, saltine crackers, cornbread

mix, peanut butter, oats, cereal, canned soup, canned vegetables, and

canned fruit. Cash donations are welcome also! If you write a check,

please make it payable to the First Presbyterian Church and put

‘FOOD BANK’ on the memo line. Or you can send funds directly to the Mason County Food Bank,                                                                  located at 1679 Forest Avenue, Maysville, KY 41056.

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