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Covid Policy Update (August 7, 2022)

Covid continues to linger in Maysville, Mays Lick, and surrounding counties. 

The session recommends that members stay up to date on current trends. 

Information is posted weekly on two websites: the Community Levels by County website updates on Friday

The Current Incident Rate Map website updates every Monday. - KY COVID Data Dashboard ( The current policy of the church, formulated by the session, is to continue as we have been, leaving mask-wearing and social distancing up to each individual and family. You will find masks and hand sanitizer at the church entrance.

 Updated bulletin will be posted later 

this week.


October 2, 2022  Sunday bulletin 

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October 2, 2022  Sunday 

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“The Mission of First Presbyterian Church”

by Pastor Jim Dougans

Following a lengthy planning process, the session adopted a new mission statement and strategic plan at the end of 2021. The statement and plan reflect Jesus’ commandment to love one another as he has loved us (John 13:34). In this column, I will update you on the progress to date.

Worship that glorifies God with scripture-based sermons and music…

I join local pastors in The Preacher’s Huddle where we talk shop several times a month. 

Lay pastors in the church are meeting quarterly for lunch and conversation.

The Coral Losh Music Concert Series Committee is forming.

We are singing new hymns many Sunday mornings.

The new sound/video system in the sanctuary coming in a few months will more faithfully replicate the worship experience for those viewing on Facebook Live.

We provide service to those in need…

Needed items are donated to the Mason County Food Bank and River Outreach.

New connections are forming with the nearby Stoneleigh Apartments.

We continue to work with Living Waters for the World and the Presbyterian church in Tikinmul, Mexico.

Support for school children in Mason County: supplies, shoes, books, clothing, and tutoring. 

Should we call ourselves “The Education Church”?

Caring Support of Members and the Wider Community

The deacons are back and serving as the hands and feet of Christ.

Financial support for those stricken in eastern Kentucky.

The business incubator already hosts one tenant. 

There is room for one or two more tenants on the renovated third floor of the

education building.

Valuing personal relationships in our church, community, and the world.

Potluck dinners, picnics, breakfasts, retreats, and special events.

Monthly sunset viewing at the riverfront.

We will be creating one or more new small groups.

The pastor regularly participates in Rotary meetings.

First Presbyterian is part of a five-member cooperative of small membership churches

in Maysville named Better Together.

We regularly host International Presbyterian Peacemakers.

A commitment to providing a safe and stable place to believers where they can be supported,

educated, and assisted in their spiritual journey.

Several members of the church (ten to be exact) will make a pilgrimage (along with 14 others) to the Holy Land in March of 2023.

The Safety and Security Committee has taken 11 steps to ensure the safety of church members. (See my May 2022 Pastor’s Column for the full list.)

The Wednesday evening Bible study has continued to meet throughout the pandemic.

The new Zoom Room makes this even easier.

Sunday morning Bible study continues for children and adults.

The new mission statement is printed in this newsletter. Look for it to pop up regularly, in worship, in meetings and on the world wide web. The Strategic Planning Team will help us implement the plan and live up to this new mission statement. God is good!


Pastor Jim


We, at First Presbyterian Church, are a congregation of

believers who live out our Christian values through:

1. Worship that glorifies God with scripture-based sermons and music, service to those in need, and caring support of members and the wider community.

2. Valuing personal relationships in our church, community and world.

3. A commitment to providing a safe and stable place to believers where they can be supported, educated and

assisted in their spiritual journey.

International Peacemaker Visits Maysville

Jonathon Drake Vumu will be visiting First Presbyterian Church in

Maysville on October 5th at 6:00 p.m. to discuss his work as an

International Peacemaker in Malawi. Plan to join us for an informative

presentation about how your money to Peace and Global Witness

Offering truly helps the people of the world in places like Malawi.

Malawi is in the SE part of Africa

Population… appx 20,000,000 and slightly bigger in area than OH.                                               85% is rural/ agriculture/ subsistence farming         Extreme poverty with many living on less than $1 a day                                                              Almost 1/2 of the population is below age 14 and only 14% live beyond age 45                          HIV continues to be a problem with a positivity rate  of 9%

Mr. Vumu is the Executive Director of Livingstonia Synod AIDS Programme which is a department of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Synod of Livingstonia. Don’t let the long title fool you, he is not a desk jockey. He gets out and meets with the people trying his best to help his countrymen and improve their quality of life.

He tells the story of one of the village chiefs being ill. The chief refused to seek medical care because he believed a curse had been put on him by a witchdoctor. His health was failing and he was unable to help the people of his village as their leader. Mr. Vumu came and talked with him trying to get him to a doctor. The chief refused, but Mr. Vumu encouraged him and left him some money to help. Soon, the chief contacted him and asked him to take him to the hospital. Mr. Vumu helped the chief get the attention he needed. Turns out that he was positive

for the HIV/ AIDS virus but was soon feeling better with the benefit of some antiretroviral medications. This is the kind of work that Mr. Vumu does. He will have many similar stories to  share with us here at FPC when he comes on October 5. Please plan to attend and learn what your support does to help others around the world. Hearing stories firsthand makes you feel a stronger connection to the work being done on your behalf by God’s people around the world. As my grandmother always used to say, “You’ll be sure to get a blessin’ from it.”

October 9 at 3:00 p.m.

Pets are such an important addition to our

lives and our homes, enriching us in so many

ways. To that end...

Bring your pet (on a leash or in a cage) to be

part of The annual Blessing of the Pets here

at First Presbyterian. If your pet is not good in

crowds or is no longer with you, feel free to

bring a photo or other item of remembrance.

Our Pet Blessing coincides with World Animal

Day which is October 4. This day is chosen

specifically in remembrance of the importance

Saint Francis of Assisi placed on our animal

friends who share this earth with us since this

is also the date for Saint Francis of Assisi

                  Feast Day. Come join us! There will be treats                         for the pets and refreshments for their human.




Camp Burnamwood is located on a 500-acre stretch of land nestled between the foothills of Central Appalachia and the Kentucky Bluegrass. Established in 1958, Burnamwood began as a cooperative venture of three Presbyterian groups in Eastern and Central Kentucky.

During the summer, Burnamwood hosts residential summer camps for 1st grade through 12th grade students. Additionally, throughout the year, it hosts youth and adult groups from around the nation in the Burnamwood Appalachian Ministry (BAM). Burnamwood also provides weekend retreats for youth as well as opportunities to rent out the camp. We believe strongly in the value of camping ministry, recognizing it as vital to the faith development of all people – children, youth, and adults.

In Spring 2012, the state of Kentucky recognized Burnamwood as a Registered Natural Area, deeming it a “significant component of Kentucky’s natural heritage.” We invite you to become part of our Burnamwood Family.

For some, it is the only place that they can see a glorious, starlit sky, without interference from anything else. For some, it is the place that they can understand how inspiring God’s creation is. For some, it is the place that has deepened their spiritual connection. For some, it is the place that they they heard their own call to ministry. For some, it is the place where they met life-long friends. For some, it is the place where they felt they were part of a community of love and compassion. For some, it is the place where they learned what it meant to be a leader. For some, it is where they donated their time, helping others in need. For some, it is all of this and more.

November 11-12 there will be an overnight retreat at Burnamwood.

It is an All-Church retreat. Many members of our 

church  have very fond memories of going  

to Burnamwood in their younger years and enjoying 

the lovely setting and fun times with friends, other 

church members, etc… If you would be interested in 

being a part of this retreat, contact Pastor Dougans 

at the church office.

Multitudes of Angels 2022

Last year, 1st Presbyterian in Maysville decided to celebrate Christmas

with a “Multitude of Angels”.

We made 3 giant Angel Parade Puppets. Children, with the help of many

adults, decorated and glitzed up angel wings to wear as the Multitude of

Angels in the Christmas Parade on December 3rd.

We’re doing it again!

Here are the details:

When? The 1st two Saturdays in November - 11/5 & 11/12 from 9:00 - 11:30

We will be updating and repairing the giant puppets and making Angel Wings w/ the children.

with a possible 3rd Saturday before Thanksgiving for finishing odds and ends

Where? Fellowship Hall at 1st Presbyterian - 21 W. 2nd St

There will be snacks!


For this year’s Multitude of Angels, we propose focusing on the children.

More wings,

Working on some dance moves.

Think about a sound system. It could be as simple as a boom box of Christmas songs - Hark the Herald

Angels - comes to mind.

Angels: Let’s repair the angels and make some upgrades.

Donations & shopping: This year we’re asking for donations to keep the Multitudes Sparkly & Fun!

We need adults to donate time, talents, sparkly fabrics, holiday glitz and also dollars.

Get in touch w/ the church office:

email: for a more detailed

October 2 - Patricia Whitaker

October 9 - Evelyn McClanahan

October 16– Bruce Carlson

October 23– Cathy Webb

October 30-Marsha Franklin

October - Mike Denham

October - Jane Fay

Church mailing address is 21 W. 3rd St., Maysville, KY 41056.

Session Meeting will be held on Monday, October 24th at 5:30 p.m.

Pastor Jim will be on Continuing Education the week of October 17-23. Our church is blessed to not

have to look far for wonderful people to fill in at the pulpit while Pastor Jim is gone. This time, it will be

our own Karen Wood

Offerings: You may mail your checks to 21 W. 3rd St., Maysville, KY 41056, if you wish to mail in your

offerings or you may pay by credit or debit card through a link on the church’s website:

Bible Study . October 19, 26 at 6 pm

Presbyterian Women Bible Study, October 12, 2022 at 6 pm

Limestone Landing Sunset Viewing


October 21 @ 6:45 p.m.

We will again enjoy another lovely evening at

the Limestone Landing to watch the sun set

on a glorious fall day at the river. Bring a

chair (and probably a blanket or towel in case

it’s cool), poems, your camera, and maybe a

hot chocolate or cup of coffee.


Places to Call to Get Help:

Assistance Available 24 Hours a Day

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

(800) 273-8255

Crisis Hotline


(877) 852-1523



611 Forest Avenue

Maysville, KY 41056

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The church continues to worship on Facebook Live

 at 10:45 a.m. on Sunday mornings

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Organist - Suzan Ross

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