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Anyone interested in the history of the church would enjoy reading the book written by Miss Mary Wilson and her sister, Miss Florence Wilson in 1950. It traces the history of the church from its earliest 

beginnings to the pastorate of

Dr. Robert von Thurn.

Bob Hendrickson has enhanced and updated the printed copy.



Christmas 1963
Mr. & Mrs. S.A. Parker, with their daughter, Zoe Parker Chamness, and son, S. Alex Parker, Jr. at the Parker residence on East Second Street


Cool photo of Maysville during a flood in 1913.
Presbyterian Church at lower left is still red brick. It had not been painted at that time.
This is a 110-year-old photo.  

Margaret & Doug cropped3.jpg

State National Santa

Margaret Calvert, chairman of the Downtown Merchants Association as Doug Hendrickson presents a check for $250 on behalf of the State National Bank. All money received will go toward purchase and improvement of Christmas decorations in the downtown агеа.

From Feb. of 1943, Dr. John McDowell wedding by proxy.
Dr. & Mrs. McDowell were members of First Presbyterian Maysville. 
Their son Dr. "Sparky" McDowell & wife Rhonda are members also.


Church member Robert Hendrickson 

This is National Newspapers Week. (October 2 – 6, 2023)  What started as two local daily papers, the Public Ledger (beginning in 1913) and the Daily Independent (1915) are now the Ledger Independent since the two merged in 1968.


This picture was taken in front of the 1st Presbyterian Church in Maysville. The occasion was Vacation Bible School ca. 1946. 1st row- Gene Wright, Larry Wood, ?, Mary Ann Denham, Martha Denham Bone , Margaret Lindsey & Diane Carter Johnson. 2nd row- ?, Sam Cablish, me-Nettie Lou Cablish, ???, Billy Calvert, ?? 3rd row- Tommy Fields, Johnny McNeil, and not sure about the others. Adults- left side Anne Cablish & Edna Fields. Right top Dr. VonThurn, Claire Adair, Margaret Strode, Rae Davis and not sure of the rest.                                                                                                   Sure hope someone can fill in the blanks.
This website assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of this picture. The information contained here is provided on an "as is" basis with no guarantees of completeness or accuracy.  PLEASE if you can help us in identifying anyone send info to

France Moore, former church organist at FPC  received a Ky. colonel plaque from students she coached at MHS in the 1960's.

Frances Moore2.jpg

Maysville Presbyterian 
  21 W 3rd St.
Maysville, KY 41056

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