Photos submitted by Bob Hendrickson

A Few Photos of Elves Decorating the Sanctuary.

They began the process Nov. 21, 2022, but still have lots of work to do. 
 Elf in charge: Betsy Parker 
 Assistants: Karen Wood, Ann Denham, Missy Hendrickson and Bob Hendrickson

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Yngvild Poe became an American citizen. First Presbyterian celebrated after church today. Yngvild Poe was sworn in as an American citizen last Wednesday along with 37 others. Her group was mostly from Mexico & Central America, India and Northern Africa. Yngvild was the only Norwegian.

Church member Betsy Parker was 

spotted in Maysville enjoying the 


Once a month we gather at Limestone Landing to watch the sunset and to play a very 

competitive game of Red Light / Green Light.

There are usually snacks.

When the sun has set, Jim reads a couple of sunset poems.  

 The next sunset gathering is on September 16th 7:30ish maybe on the earlier side of “ish”.   

 Come on by, read up on the rules to Red Light / Green Light and bring a Sunset poem if you wish.

Family and friends who are family attended the bridal shower for Ann Wood.

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, Ann and Jacob!

So good to see Betty Wood attending the shower.  

 Great picture of Betty, daughter Jane and granddaughter Katie! 


Too adorable to not post. 

Brexley Anne Flora the newest member of the 

family Dougan & Flora families.

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Photos from our beautiful sanctuary.