Jennifer Q. Smith

The TV crew from Journey Indiana - WTIU- came to Avant Garb a few weeks ago. Take a peek into mascotland and see how we make the magic!

We draft the patterns, sculpt the heads, pick out the furs, fabric and foams, then we stitch it all together. That’s what makes us professional mascot makers. We know how to bring all of the parts together to make a dynamic, compelling mascot.

AvantGarb began life in 1986 in Jennifer Q Smith’s Berkeley, California garage.

The first mascot we made was a giant Chocolate Chip Cookie for a teensy cookie company in Berkeley. The second mascot we made was an astronaut for Hewlett-Packard. a giant tech company.  We still make mascots for giant, worldwide companies and teensy regional ones.

Jennifer Q. Smith’s business card lists her job title as “Queen of Fuzz” at Avant Garb Inc .

It’s an offbeat job title, but it fits. Avant Garb, which Smith founded in 1986, designs and creates mascot costumes of all sorts. She’s created the current or former costumes for the Indiana Pacers’ Boomer, the Indianapolis Public Library’s Booker (a smiling oversized book), IUPUI’s Jawz and Jazzy jaguars, and many others for organizations around the country.

Oct. 27, 2019

Sunday evening was the Fall Festival - Chili Bake-off & silent auction.

Marilyn Garlitz won w/ her chili & The Youth Group (TYGs) came in 2nd. 

Presbyterian Women sponsored a silent auction of delicious breads, cakes, cookies & spreads. The money raised from the auction will go to Living Waters, a Presbyterian mission that Presbyterian Women have supported for many years.

Some photos of the new building going up that will house 

the water purification system, 

sent to our Mexico Mission Team by the head of the 

water committee at the church in Tikinmul.


Maysville City Commissioner Andrew Wood, his wife, Beth and his son, Drew have started to provide smoke alarms for every home in Mason County.

The Wood family’s project, dubbed the Kentucky Fire Safety Initiative, goal is to provide enough funding to place 10-year smoke alarms in all of the nearly 7,000 homes in Mason County.

Drew Wood, a junior at Mason County High School, said the project seemed like a perfect fit for the community service he will need to become a Governor’s Scholar. It’s such a worthwhile project because working smoke detectors can save lives, he said.

“Through this community service project we hope to prevent more deaths,” he said.

In addition to seeking grant funding, Andrew Wood said his children — Drew, Walker, Emily and Alex — plan to raise funds for the project through events such as classroom challenges.

Andrew Wood said a bank account has been established and he as also created a GoFundMe page for the project at : GoFundMe
Drew Wood has already taken a hands-on approach, riding along with firefighters as they installed the devices.

Thank you to the Wood family,

 Lori Wesley and of course all of our

 Youth Group members who participated 

in the King's Island outing! 

What an adrenaline rush!

Presbyterian Peacemaker Lucy Awate Dabi and her toddler, Raphael visited our church this week. 

Presbyterian Mission Agency advocates for peace and justice in cultures of violence through collaborative projects of education and Christian witness.

Lucy is a social worker by profession and works with RECONCILE International, "the resource center for civil Leadership," in Yei, South Sudan. She shared her experience peacebuilding in a country that has been torn by civil war and political unrest.

Lucy and her colleagues do amazing work to build trust, "heal the sounds of trauma," and promote reconciliation among the many different tribes and ethnic groups living in their regions. 

                                                                  You can learn more or donate at

Ashford Acres Inn, Cynthiana, KY

was the lovely setting for the wedding

of Owen McNeil and Tina Jandro.

The wedding took place  September 28, 2019!!

Congratulations to the newlyweds! 

The process of replacing windows in the Education Building has started.

They will replace a total of 7 overall.

Four new windows are in!

Thanks to Ernie Siders the side doors have new kick plates.

Church member Bill Stewart, during the Simon Kenton Festival, talking about the long rifles and powder horns that he makes

The annual Simon Kenton Festival is an event that demonstrates pioneer life & travels back in time to the late 1700's early 1800's.

This annual festival was started in Old Washington, Maysville KY, to honor Simon Kenton, who through historical accounts has been named the Father of Mason County.  

Evening at Limestone Park

The Shawnee Chief gave a blessing in Shawnee. Pastor Jim gave a blessing in English.

Bruce welcomed everyone and spoke about the vision and history of Limestone Park.

He also spoke of what they found as they dug down 7 feet to build a french drain —6 buffalo horns and a pair of Shawnee footwear - and what he was thinking about when he saw a shooting star - as well as the vision and respect 2 strong men had for each other - Tecumseh and Kenton.

The Shawnee chanted and drummed - 4 men and a drum. It was a hugely moving moment. 

An inspiring evening in Maysville.

One of the students from Mason County High School ,our own Drew Wood was with

the Mason County Culinary Class that visited Kenton Pointe Assisted Living Community.

The students stayed and enjoyed a chat and some lunch with residents.

Check out the pink rose on the alter during Sunday worship service this morning for baby Kennedy Rose, granddaughter of Pastor Jim and Jennifer.

The people at Maysville Presbyterian.

Thanks to Jennifer Smith for the photo

of the group enjoying the game.

Thanks to Mary Wood Schmalzl 

                              for the photo of these fine four!

The Youth Group went to a Red's baseball game on July 28, 2019. 

The Reds won, 3-2 over the Rockies!

Mini Old Car Show July 7th

Frank Day, Kenny Ross, and Ernie Siders had a mini old car show at “Bellside”, the home of Bruce & LuAnne Bellingham and Ernie & Jo Anne Siders.

Gertrude Baugh Cochran 
Mrs. Gertrude, as we all called her, was a longtime member of First Presbyterian .
 She was a grand lady who lived on E. 2nd St. for 60 years.
Died in 1988 at age 98.

Pictured is Ann McDowell a past member of the First Presbyterian Church in Maysville.

Ann was the mother of  our church member Sparky McDowell .

 (Church member Dr. Phillip Yunker pictured in the brimmed hat!)

Go missions 190 team is doing an outstanding job this week serving among the Nomatsiguenga people in Peru.

God is moving among these people.  Pray for all of the people as they see the doctors and as we share the gospel.

They are serving in Chuquibambilla, Peru this week, June 1- 10.

Hospice of Hope Medical Director, Dr. Craig Denham  

moderating a health care panel of experts at Maysville Community

 and Technical College bi-annual Senior Seminar.

Presbyterian Ladies gathered in Nell Jo Marshall home.
Nell Jo Marshall, Betsy Parker, Naomi Collins, Harriett Denham

An Exciting Sunday Morning Welcoming New Members To Our Congregation!

Congratulations and welcome 

Jennifer Smith and Luke Jarjosa 

The church had just purchased a new organ.  John McNeill was very instrumental in choosing and acquiring the high quality organ.  It is still played in the church services today.  John was a very talented musician and all enjoyed his playing. 

14 shoeboxes filled with goodies headed overseas thanks to the good folks at First Presbyterian Church in Maysville and Samaritan's Purse. 

An early Merry Christmas to those 14 children!

The three amigos at the start of Clean Water University, Dave Harnish, Bill Reed and Jim Dougans.

Three amigos on day three of clean water University in Oxford, MS  Doug Depies from the Yucatan and Wil Howie who started Living Waters for the World.

The four amigos, including two gentlemen from Honduras, Jorge y Edwin at Camp Hopewell. 


And these two Amigos have fed us very well.  A friend and friends to clean water University.

Demonstrating the water purification system at clean water University.


If you would like to watch this video to see Maysville Presbyterian church member David Harnish installing a water system last month in the Mexican state of Campeche click HERE.

 The First Presbyterian was formed on June 14, 1817

 This picture was taken way after 1817.

Photos from our beautiful sanctuary.