We welcome Pastor Dougans as our permanent pastor; everything is truly official now, as his commissioning ceremony took place during worship this morning.

After the service we celebrated with a meal in the fellowship hall and a bowtie-bedecked cake for our dapper pastor.

The church had just purchased a new organ.  John McNeill was very instrumental in choosing and acquiring the high quality organ.  It is still played in the church services today.  John was a very talented musician and all enjoyed his playing. 

Always proud of our youth.

These Mason Co FCCLA Students are presenting to the Mason Co Fiscal Court. 

Showcasing our future community leaders.

Drew is the son of members Dr. Craig Denham and Maggie Denham and the grandson of Bill & Sallie McNeil and Harry Denham.


Rebecca Cartmell, Grand Marshall of the

 Maysville Christmas Parade.

First time for the 55 T-Bird in the Maysville Christmas parade with Suzan & Kenny Ross.


The Main Street board announced Rebecca Cartmell has been chosen to be Grand Marshal at this year's Twilight Christmas Parade. Rebecca is a tireless worker for Maysville/Mason County whether is through the Red Cross, Humane Society, securing food for Community Cares, picking up trash on clean-up days, or the countless boards and organizations for which she serves. Rebecca is always there supporting all things for the good of Maysville. Wave and say thanks to her at the parade December 7th at 6 PM.

14 shoeboxes filled with goodies headed overseas thanks to the good folks at First Presbyterian Church in Maysville and Samaritan's Purse. 

An early Merry Christmas to those 14 children!

                                Pastor's Wife

Jennifer Q. Smith created Jazzy and Jawz and updated Jinx. 

Jennifer Q. Smith is the owner of Indianapolis' Avant Garb, a studio in The Stutz Business and Arts Center, where she gave birth to two IUPUI Jaguars and refined their predecessor. While it's been a while since the youngest mascot, Jazzy, was introduced in 2015, Smith is still fond of the work she has done for IUPUI.

        Click here to read the entire article about the  'Queen of Fuzz'  

Photo by Tim Brouk, Indiana University


Much fun was had and good food consumed on Sunday night, October 28.  The bake sale raised $250 for Living Waters for the World!

Peg Crum and Jennifer Smith


Joey O'Cull created the pumpkin craft table

Kate Zweigart assists Emily Wood with a game

Prepared by Jennifer Q. Smith

Maggie Denham at the

 Morristown Charity Horse Show.

The three amigos at the start of Clean Water University, Dave Harnish, Bill Reed and Jim Dougans.

Three amigos on day three of clean water University in Oxford, MS  Doug Depies from the Yucatan and Wil Howie who started Living Waters for the World.

The four amigos, including two gentlemen from Honduras, Jorge y Edwin at Camp Hopewell. 


And these two Amigos have fed us very well.  A friend and friends to clean water University.

Demonstrating the water purification system at clean water University.


      Ohio River Valley Artist Guild                        Sallie McNeill at Old Washington     Nick Denham during basket making time         doing Pioneer Days for 5th graders

                                                                                 in the county.


Happy Sweet 16th birthday 

 Drew Denam!

Grandparents Day for second grade ! 

Kathy Webb with grandson Ryan.

Jane Wood @ Grandparents breakfast at Straub!! 

Great time  at the Opera House - Rev. Jim Dougans, Zoe Speaks and Nick Denham.  Maysville is on track to become the first city in the nation to be a "Green Dot" City.

Our church choir director and music teacher at  Mason County Intermediate School  

Nick Denham playing during downtown as the American Queen makes it’s only

stop this season in Maysville ,Thursday July 12th, from 8am-1pm. 

Downtown galleries & shops are open early for the occasion.

The bus makes its rounds every 10 minutes so there is a lot of passenger foot 

traffic getting off and walking around Downtown.


If you would like to watch this video to see Maysville Presbyterian church member David Harnish installing a water system last month in the Mexican state of Campeche click HERE.

Women of First Presbyterian Church and Maysville met on Friday, June 15, 2018 at Lil Jumbo Coffee Company in Washington, KY. Great fun was had by all!

 The First Presbyterian was formed on June 14, 1817

and celebrated another anniversary this week.

Of course this picture was taken way after 1817.

Church member Bruce Carlson is having two Buffalo sculptures placed in Limestone Park in Maysville. 

This is the mother Buffalo and then a baby buffalo will be added.

Photos from our beautiful sanctuary.