Congratulations to Elder Bob Hendrickson on being named 

the Interim Executive for the Chamber of Commerce!

Worship service during Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic
The service was held in the chapel on Sunday morning via Facebook Live.

The offering was collected today 

by a grandfather and 3 of 

his grandsons.

Bruce Carlson and grandsons during Worship Service 


Delphiniums, a couple of roses, 

some Gerber daisies, irises, 

some of those little white wispy flowers, 

a few carnations and

some spectacular greenery.

Well done youth group! Great job at LEF climbing in Lexington.

L'Escalade is a full service rock climbing and fitness gym. With over 20,000 sq ft of climbing, LEF is Kentucky's largest rock climbing facility.

Choir, Pastor, organists & pianist on Christmas Eve preparing to enter worship service.

Meaning of Christmas shared at Rotary

Jim Dougans shared the meaning of Christmas with the Maysville Rotary Club on Tuesday.

                  According to Jim, Christmas is a reminder of new birth and that God did not stand at a distance,                                          but took the initiative to bridge the gap.

He discussed how God’s spirit has moved through the world.

                                 “The meaning of Christmas — a time of rejoicing, good food, humor and the singing of                                                           songs,” he said. “It is a celebration of good news, mercy received, a blessing to all.                                                        Now and forever, thanks be to God.”

Thanks to everyone who made our annual ladies' Angel Tea such a success last weekend!    We love hosting the community in our fellowship hall, and appreciate the many hands who put together so many lovely events throughout the year!

Our own Bob Hendrickson as Grand Marshal!

A rainbow appears at the dedication of the water purification plant.

The water purification plant in Tikinmul. System installation underway. David Harnish, Alan Harnish, Doug Depies, Philip Lotspeich.

The Education Team got underway in Tikinmul this morning.

 Bill Reed, Phillip Yunker and Jennifer Smith

Our pastor, Jim Dougans, and several members of our congregation are on a mission trip to Yucatán, Mexico. They will be working with Living Waters for the World to bring clean water to a small village.

Here they are enjoying breakfast in Campeche before church in Tikinmul. Vaya con Dios!

The Presbyterian church in Tikimul, Campeche as the water team from First, Maysville, prepares for a LWW water installation next day.

Do you recognize the pastor?

Jennifer Q. Smith

The TV crew from Journey Indiana - WTIU- came to Avant Garb a few weeks ago. Take a peek into mascotland and see how we make the magic!

We draft the patterns, sculpt the heads, pick out the furs, fabric and foams, then we stitch it all together. That’s what makes us professional mascot makers. We know how to bring all of the parts together to make a dynamic, compelling mascot.

AvantGarb began life in 1986 in Jennifer Q Smith’s Berkeley, California garage.

The first mascot we made was a giant Chocolate Chip Cookie for a teensy cookie company in Berkeley. The second mascot we made was an astronaut for Hewlett-Packard. a giant tech company.  We still make mascots for giant, worldwide companies and teensy regional ones.

Jennifer Q. Smith’s business card lists her job title as “Queen of Fuzz” at Avant Garb Inc .

It’s an offbeat job title, but it fits. Avant Garb, which Smith founded in 1986, designs and creates mascot costumes of all sorts. She’s created the current or former costumes for the Indiana Pacers’ Boomer, the Indianapolis Public Library’s Booker (a smiling oversized book), IUPUI’s Jawz and Jazzy jaguars, and many others for organizations around the country.

Some photos of the new building going up that will house 

the water purification system, 

sent to our Mexico Mission Team by the head of the 

water committee at the church in Tikinmul.


Presbyterian Peacemaker Lucy Awate Dabi and her toddler, Raphael visited our church this week. 

Presbyterian Mission Agency advocates for peace and justice in cultures of violence through collaborative projects of education and Christian witness.

Lucy is a social worker by profession and works with RECONCILE International, "the resource center for civil Leadership," in Yei, South Sudan. She shared her experience peacebuilding in a country that has been torn by civil war and political unrest.

Lucy and her colleagues do amazing work to build trust, "heal the sounds of trauma," and promote reconciliation among the many different tribes and ethnic groups living in their regions. 

                                                                  You can learn more or donate at

The process of replacing windows in the Education Building has started.

They will replace a total of 7 overall.

Four new windows are in!

Thanks to Ernie Siders the side doors have new kick plates.

Evening at Limestone Park

 The First Presbyterian was formed on June 14, 1817

 This picture was taken way after 1817.

Photos from our beautiful sanctuary.