Church choir director, Nicholas Denham and crew entertaining at the Chocolate Festival in Old Washington .

We welcome Pastor Dougans as our permanent pastor; everything is truly official now, as his commissioning ceremony took place during worship this morning.

After the service we celebrated with a meal in the fellowship hall and a bowtie-bedecked cake for our dapper pastor.

The church had just purchased a new organ.  John McNeill was very instrumental in choosing and acquiring the high quality organ.  It is still played in the church services today.  John was a very talented musician and all enjoyed his playing. 

14 shoeboxes filled with goodies headed overseas thanks to the good folks at First Presbyterian Church in Maysville and Samaritan's Purse. 

An early Merry Christmas to those 14 children!


Much fun was had and good food consumed on Sunday night, October 28.  The bake sale raised $250 for Living Waters for the World!

Peg Crum and Jennifer Smith


Joey O'Cull created the pumpkin craft table

Kate Zweigart assists Emily Wood with a game

The three amigos at the start of Clean Water University, Dave Harnish, Bill Reed and Jim Dougans.

Three amigos on day three of clean water University in Oxford, MS  Doug Depies from the Yucatan and Wil Howie who started Living Waters for the World.

The four amigos, including two gentlemen from Honduras, Jorge y Edwin at Camp Hopewell. 


And these two Amigos have fed us very well.  A friend and friends to clean water University.

Demonstrating the water purification system at clean water University.


      Ohio River Valley Artist Guild                                                                      Sallie McNeill at Old Washington     Nick Denham during basket making time.                                                       doing Pioneer Days for 5th graders

                                                                                                                                in the county.


Great time  at the Opera House - Rev. Jim Dougans, Zoe Speaks and Nick Denham.  Maysville is on track to become the first city in the nation to be a "Green Dot" City.

If you would like to watch this video to see Maysville Presbyterian church member David Harnish installing a water system last month in the Mexican state of Campeche click HERE.

 The First Presbyterian was formed on June 14, 1817

and celebrated another anniversary this week.

Of course this picture was taken way after 1817.

Photos from our beautiful sanctuary.